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An environmentally friendly golf club
5/11/2016 - Golf

An environmentally friendly golf club

Managing the environment in an eco-friendly manner means that flora and fauna remain unspoiled

Three years ago, Steve Muller, greenkeeper at the Mont d’Arbois golf club, began taking care of the golf course in an ecological manner by using non-polluting products to treat the greens. These products, exempt from fungicides and herbicides, thus promote plant-animal biodiversity and the biological activity of the soil.

The aim of this well thought-out approach to maintenance is to cultivate the different types of grass that grow naturally in the mountains as they are better adapted to the constraints presented.  Actions such as recycling 100% of all vegetal waste, creating an ecological niche (a high rough, an area requiring no maintenance), encouraging plants to grow (using natural, organic products) mulching and taking care of the trees (pruning) have been implemented.

The Mont d’Arbois golf club can now blend into the mountainous surroundings thanks to the flora and fauna that remain unspoiled and an eco-friendly approach to managing the environment.

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