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Nomination at Le 1920 restaurant
12/22/2016 - Hotel

Nomination at Le 1920 restaurant

Damien Azemar has joined the team of the Le 1920 restaurant as Head Sommelier

Damien Azmar is joining a resolutely dynamic team at Le 1920 restaurant, composed of 20 person in the kitchen and 16 person in the dining room, and managed by the chef Julien Gatillon and the restaurant manager Olivier Alglave.

The Toulouse native previously worked at the Hôtel Le Meurice, where his main task is to develop the wine list, which is already well-established with over 1 000 references, and to develop the service. “We have some new equipment (glassware, carafes etc.) and we plan to offer more services in the dining room such as carafage and wine decanting.”

Hired on a yearly basis, Damien Azemar, gold medal winner at the Olympiades des métiers in 2012, is currently running private tasting sessions based on different grape variety themes for clients with 4 sommeliers working for him.

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