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Chef Julien Gatillon has received  second star in the 2016 Michelin Guide
2/1/2016 - Restaurant

Chef Julien Gatillon has received second star in the 2016 Michelin Guide

At just 30 years of age, and only two years after gaining his first star at Le 1920, chef Julien Gatillon has now been rewarded with a second star in the Michelin Guide.

His carreer to date

Originally from Châtellerault in the Vienne region of France, Julien Gatillon arrived at Le 1920 in 2012. That arrival was in fact a return, since it was here that he began his training before refining his skills with Michelin 3-star chefs Benoît Violier and Yannick Alléno.
With the first, he maintains that he learned everything, from plain cooking to precision preparation, the passion for using the best seasonal produce, and the simplicity of true taste. The ABC of his culinary style has its roots in the four years he spent in Switzerland working alongside this Meilleur Ouvrier de France, whom he readily refers to as his spiritual father. From the second, he acquired his preference for just-in-time cooking, sleek on-plate design and the inspired use of new products to extend his creative palette.

It is this expertise that he now applies to the Rothschild tradition, in which the appreciation of things done well is wedded to an obsession with quality. These are the non-negotiable values he shares and expresses through a traditional cuisine that celebrates the seasons with enormous technical prowess.

His cuisine: a deep respect for the best of local produce

Le 1920 offers diners a contemporary take on French gastronomy, with very special attention paid to seasonal produce. The land, the sea, rivers, lakes and forests are all celebrated in his beautifully balanced culinary creations. Long times and short supply lines are both pivotal to the cooking of Julien Gatillon. Long cooking times for cuts of meat received as entire carcasses and jointed in the kitchen, and for home-made bouillons and sauce bases; short supply lines for a sourcing policy that puts local produce and flavours first.

This exceptional produce, much of which originates from the family-run Ferme des Trente Arpents (game, veal, butter and cheese), gives the chef the breadth of choice he needs to improvise on a day-by-day basis. Together with his pastry chef Jérôme Berdelou, he uses this choice to design a exceptionally dynamic menu that offers unexpected surprises and signature dishes every day, developed around the core essentials of French fine dining: Miéral Bresse chicken, Line-caught sole meunière, Old style Paris-Brest, Rothschild traditional soufflé...

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