Domaine du Mont d'Arbois

Summer sports

Nestled in the Mont-Blanc region, Megève is, first and foremost, an alpine village situated at an altitude of 1,100m which has retained the charm and authenticity boasted by Savoyard villages.

Hiking in a Mont-Blanc setting

It also boasts a winter sports area which can compete with the largest ski resorts, with Mont Joly rising to 2,525m and the “Domaine évasion” which lends itself particularly well during the summer season to hiking or mountain biking. With its richly varied landscape, walks are really enjoyable. Whether you are a seasoned walker, a thrill-seeker or passionate about geology, you will always find a route to suit you.

This region is so well protected that it offers a biodiversity which is rare nowadays. Botanical seasons are disrupted by the late melting snow and you can enjoy the privilege of observing spring plants during the month of September, but that isn’t all...

With the arrival of spring the accumulated layers of snow cover begin to melt, revealing a remarkable and exceptional phenomenon: the formation of ice caves right in the middle of summer; a simply magical contrast!

In addition to this wonderful sight, antelopes can be spied frolicking and enjoying their favourite playground. These superb walks are not that easy however, since you are walking along a ridge, with Megève on one side and Mont-Blanc on the other.

Other walks may be undertaken which are more difficult (4 star): the excursion in the Cote 2000 skiing area is only suitable for those who have a strong head for heights, especially along the Poivre ridge which, for thrill seekers, is not to be missed at any cost.

It is also possible to take in some culture whilst walking. If you choose the Creux de Saint-Jean walk or the Chemin du Calvaire (The Way of the Cross) itinerary, there are no less than fourteen chapels and wayside shrines presenting different scenes from The Passion. A fascinating blend of history and architecture, accompanied by a lush, green landscape.

Walking around Megève has another distinct advantage: discovering the local “art” of mixing activities with the enjoyment of good food. There are many typical restaurants spread throughout the village, providing opportunities to discover the local, high-quality products. You will appreciate the local culture even more after having tasted a tart made with fresh blueberries gathered from the mountains of Haute-Savoie.

Flying school

Providing training in “mountain flying” so you can receive your private pilot’s license, with special “mountains and glaciers” qualification.

La Cascade de la Belle aux Bois

This canyoning site is only accessible in the summertime, departing from the village centre. A footbridge allows a stunning view of this dramatic, 30-metre waterfall.


Following a 10-minute briefing, you will take off aboard a plane or a helicopter for a 15-minute altitude climb, during which you can admire Mont Blanc and ist surroundings from a new perspective. Then, securely fastened to your instructor, you drop from the aircraft for a heartpounding free-fall at nearly 200kmh. When you reach 1,500 metres altitude, your instructor opens the parachute and you can learn to direct the chute. The region also offers innumerable sites of exquisite natural beauty for canyoning and kayaking.

Mountain bike riding in unique surroundings

For some years now, Megève has slowly become a special venue for mountain bike riding at the centre of the Mont-Blanc region, due to the quality and extent of its marked trails spread around the surrounding mountains.

Apart from the effort required, riders appreciate the unique panorama, including the exclusive view of Mont Blanc and the many circuits which link up the neighbouring communities of Combloux, Saint Gervais or Praz-sur-Arly.

Megève has adapted this particular sport to suit everyone’s abilities. Certain ski-lifts (chairlifts or cable cars) are open during July and August to take people up the slopes, while the dyed-in-the-wool mountain bikers, in their search for their adrenaline “fix” are able to follow the Rochebrune-Cote 2000, Alpette and Mont d’Arbois itineraries.

The Jaillet mountain range also offers a superb area for freestyle enthusiasts, boasting a bike park with many modules made of wood, plus natural obstacles. Open for children of 10 years and above.

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